''So, You Think You're a Drag Queen'' @ Town Danceboutique: Episode 2 [video]

Town's monthly contest celebrating the aspirations of amateur drag queens in Washington continues with its biggest and best show yet

Video by Aram Vartian
Published on April 9, 2010, 7:09am | Comments

Town Danceboutique held its fourth installment in the monthly contest "So, You Think You're a Drag Queen?" on Saturday, April 3. Five new contestants -- Queen Tan, Shineta Work, Simone, Donna Sugardust and Natasha Dupre -- vied to be April's ultimate drag queen.

The winner advances to a grand finale later this year, where she'll compete against the other monthly winners. Crazy competitions in this month's edition include walking a "wafer-thin" runway and creating an outfit out of a tablecloth and flowers and then performing unrehearsed to a song.

"So, You Think You're a Drag Queen?" is co-hosted by Shi-Queeta-Lee and Lena Lett.

The next contest will be Friday, April 30. For details on how to enter, visit towndc.com.

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