25th Anniversary 17th Street High Heel Race [video]

DC's annual Halloween drag queen celebration attracts thousands of excited spectators

Host: Ebone Bell
Video: Dylan Comstock, Randy Shulman and Aram Vartian
Editing: Aram Vartian
Producer: Randy Shulman
Published on October 27, 2011, 3:13pm | Comments

The 17th Street High Heel Race celebrated its 25th Anniversary running of the drags on Tuesday, Oct. 25. A Washington institution, the event has grown to enormous proportions over the years, pulling in thousands of spectators lining 17th Street NW between Cobalt and JR.'s. This year's race was won by Craig Williams, whose Amy Winehouse came from behind to take the cherished, brandy-filled high heel trophy. May she drink it in one big gulp.

Click here for Metro Weekly's Scene pictures of all the wonderfully costumed participants.

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